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Vintage posy

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Vintage posy

$ 60.00 In stock
Short stemmed posy of traditional flowers
Ref: B11
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A vintage look, a beautiful scent and a traditional design. Bunches Robina is excited to show you these gorgeous vintage posies, These posies are sure to bring a bit of tradional glam to your home and life, with its undenyable beauty and affordable price tag, this arrangement of flowers will impress whomever lays eyes upon it and the best part is this Gold Coast florist will deliver them straight to your door. 

Taking Care of your Flowers


Prepare a clean vase with water and the flower food provided with your bouquet. If your flowers have arrived with a water bag, hold the bouquet over a sink and remove the bottom wrapping.  Recut stems on a diagonal, remove all foliage that will be below water level. Replace vase with clean water and recut stems after 3 days, remove any old looking leaves or blooms.




Upon arrival hold arrangement over sink top up with a bit of water, taking care not to overfill.  All our arrangements have preservatives already added to the floral foam. Check the water level in your arrangement each day, and top up when needed.


All Flowers


All flowers need to be keep away from direct sunlight and draughts, do not keep them on appliances such as T.V’s or microwaves that generate heat.  Remove any spent flowers from the arrangement each day, and keep away from fruit.  As lilies open, remove the pollen with a tissue to avoid them making a mess and keep them away from any animals.  Some flowers such as tulips and gerberas will keep growing and may need to be recut.  As some flowers will grow towards light, turn your arrangement daily to help keep its shape.